For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11 My life verse

About Me

I grew up in Huntington Beach, California with my parents and siblings. We did not have a Christian home but my parents made sure all the children were in church. I am sure to give them a Sunday to themselves but I am grateful for the foundation my parents allowed others to build in my life. I will forever have fond memories of Sunday School Teachers and Pastors that always had a hug, a snack or kind word for the Woosley Kids. (Romans 8:28) He works all things for our good. (In later years both my parents gave their lives to the Lord)

We moved to Louisville, Kentucky in 1969. Again we were placed in any church that had a bus to pick us up. I made my way to the alter many times but when I was sixteen I was changed forever. I was invited to Evangel Tabernacle (now Evangel World Prayer Center) on a Thursday night service. I felt a presence I had never felt before. I knew the stories of Jesus I had learned about at many churches were real. That night I gave my heart fully and forever to Him. The next night in a prayer meeting with all the young people I just met the night before, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I have served Him ever since.

Due to my home life I met and married my first husband very quickly. I did seek the Lord, and tried with everything in me to make it work, but I soon learned you can’t make someone love you and be faithful. You can’t make them stay. So at 21 I was divorced with 2 babies, never had a job and couldn’t even drive. I was somewhere I never dreamed or wanted to be, but God is faithful.

He reminded me about riding those buses as a kid… so I called Evangel and got started by riding the bus and working on the bus ministry. Where after a year or so I met the love of my life, Bill. We worked on the Bus Ministry together. We were married and started a new life together. We went on to start a Bus Ministry at another church. Together we also were Kids Church Pastors. Once these things were established we passed on the baton. We went back Evangel and the leadership of Pastor Waymon Rodgers.

There was a song back in the 80’s that always spoke to me, “What a Strange Way to Save the World”. I always wondered why my children had to have a “Step Dad”? This song ministered to me because it talked about, why him? He was a lowly carpenter. Jesus had a “Step Dad”! I know God told me that it would be ok. What so many never knew was it was still hard for me. This song got me through a lot of tough times, but I still continued to pray. I wanted my children to have one Mommy and one Daddy, God is faithful. In just a few years Bill was able to adopt my 2 children. We went on to have a son together. We were one family. (Joel 2:25) Restoration

For 30 years we worked together to raise our children to serve the Lord. We put them through Christian School and Christian Colleges. Two of our children went on to staff positions at Evangel until they married. I worked at Evangel in some capacity for over 23 years, from the school to the bookstore then as the receptionist and in accounting. I loved serving in any capacity. Bill supported me as I went on to work in various Women’s Ministries. I was on the Board of Flame International was several years. Whenever I spoke at Women’s Meeting, Bill was the lone man sitting right up front.

About Family


All that changed in 2008 when Bill was diagnosed with cancer. Not Bill, not us. He was my right arm, the love of my life, my biggest supporter. Where was God in all this? Right by our sides. We had a short time but miracles happened that would help me in this process. Bill peacefully went on to be with the Lord in just 13 days. Again my life was changed forever. I knew God was not done with me but by no means was I up and running immediately. It took about a year for me to start healing. The process of living as one with your spouse is instantly gone in death. Now I was one half. You may say I had God and thankfully I did but Bill was gone my other half, as we say. It was harder than I could have known and everybody but me had the answers. I had to get them all by myself (still getting them).

I needed to be refreshed and renewed. I needed a new start. I left Evangel after 36 years. Unless you have been there looking at the empty seat next to me that had been filled for many, many years was hard. To some it may be reassuring, it was not to me. God was directing me. I had to listen. (Isaiah 55:8-9) His plans, not mine
I started attending Good Shepherd Worship Center and I knew I was home after the 2nd visit. Thankful for my children pushing me to visit. I started teaching within weeks. Took a position on the Board of Women’s Ministry and started a Singles Group for Ladies. I have now been there for more than 5 years and I am so glad God moved me to where I am. My Pastors have pushed me to grow and stretch and after becoming a widow I so needed that.

So I said all that to say this… I am saved, I am a widow, I am the mother of three grown children and the grandmother of 11 precious grandbabies…so far. I work full time and spend as much time with my family as I can. I love the Lord with all my heart and trust Him. He has never failed or forsaken me. He accepts me and loves me in my sorrow, my anger, my joy, every part of who I am.

God has a plan for us. We have to be willing to step into it. It is hard but so worth it. My life is far from perfect but My Savior is perfect. I don’t know everything, but My Savior does.

Now I am taking another step in God’s journey for me. I am excited about being a part of Titus Two Ministries. I have a part to play and I am ready to let God teach me and show me along the way. I have known Denise Witt (Board President) for many years and consider it an honor to work beside her and the other ladies of Titus Two Ministries. (Isaiah 43:19) A new thing…

I want to help those who have found themselves in similar situations and learn from those who have experienced things I can’t even imagine. I am serving a Mighty God who only sees the future and does not see our past failures or mistakes. We were all created to serve God. We are in this together. We are here for you.

New Beginnings