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Titus Two Women have a calling to reach out, encourage, lift up and pray for those who are suffering through difficult times. Our main way of accomplishing this is through our Noteworthy events where we write and distribute Notes of encouragement. If you have received a Note from us and would like to reach out to us to have us continue to pray for you or if you would just like to share your story, we welcome you to leave your comments on our Noteworthy prayer post below.

Reach Out, Encourage, Lift Up, Pray Titus Two Women
Nov 2016

The idea for Noteworthy was given to me when my sister Vicki was struggling through chemo before the latest bout of cancer took her life. It was a time that was difficult for any of us to wrap our minds around that she might not survive and we were doing all we could to just get through each moment that we had together. She was always the caretaker in the family and now we were suddenly thrown into that role. I wish I had done a better job because I really wanted......

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