The idea for Noteworthy was given to me when my sister Vicki was struggling through chemo before the latest bout of cancer took her life. vickiIt was a time that was difficult for any of us to wrap our minds around that she might not survive and we were doing all we could to just get through each moment that we had together. She was always the caretaker in the family and now we were suddenly thrown into that role. I wish I had done a better job because I really wanted to be there for her in every moment. However, I had a family, a business, and a commitment to ministry and my days did not miraculously accumulate more hours because my sweet sister was sick. So I struggled with how to stretch my time to include more time with her, and like I said, I was not as good at it as I would have liked. One morning as I was praying for her, this idea came to me.  I immediately set up a Facebook Page for it. I felt like I needed to act on it right then because I was just desperate to do something. However, I did not even publish it because I needed to create a cover photo, a profile picture, a short description and a long description. I didn’t have time to do it right then but I intended to get back to it once I did. The time to do that did not come until 2 years after my sister stepped into eternity with her LORD. I had not even thought about it after she died until one day I was again praying about what our ministry Bible study groups should do as a service project and once again I heard that still small voice reminding me of it. I talked with our ministry board and then we talked to our groups and everyone was excited to participate and to dedicate it to the memory of my sister Vicki. I have learned that sometimes God puts things on our hearts that are meant for the future and Noteworthy is one of those things.

It is our goal and purpose to use this idea to reach out to those who are in the throws of difficult circumstances and just maybe to help lift the burden off of their family in some small way by praying and encouraging them through our Notes. I know first hand that I would have welcomed someone who would have been willing to just write a Note of encouragement to my sister and I know that it would have meant a lot to her as well. There is something wonderful about getting a Note in the mail from someone who says that they are praying for you.

Noteworthy events are held to gather groups together who would like to reach out, encourage, lift up and pray by creating cards and or notes to send to those who are suffering with chronic or terminal illness, who have children who suffer with chronic or terminal illness, who are alone without support during difficult seasons of their lives, who are suffering from loneliness, depression, anxiety, who may be caring for a loved one that has a chronic or terminal illness among any other situation where one would need encouragement. We believe that we are the hands and feet of Jesus and that we are to reach out to those who are hurting in this world with words of encouragement and love. We pray over the cards that we send and give those that we pray for a way to reach out to us so that we can pray personally for them if they so choose. We also welcome submissions of names and addresses from others of those that they would like us to specifically reach out to. You can submit a Noteworthy Recipient Request form and we will be sure to add their name to our list of recipients so that they will receive a Note from one of our groups.

If you have received a Note from us and would like to reach out to us to continue to pray for your specific situation, feel free to leave your prayer request HERE, or if you would like to tell your story feel free to comment HERE. We would love to hear from you!

We also welcome any group who would like to join with us in this endeavor and if you would like more information on how your group can participate, submit a Noteworthy Participation Form.

Follow our Noteworthy Page on Facebook to find an event near you.


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  1. Scottie Pletz : November 2, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Beautiful tribute and an awesome (God Idea).

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