The Good in Cancer

The Good in Cancer

November 9th.

That’s the date of my mom’s next chemo treatment.  It’s only her second one, so we have a ways to go.  I think that’s southern talk “a ways to go”.  I’m wondering what God has up His sleeve with these cancers.  I say “these cancers” because her latest diagnosis is two different breast cancers; one for each tata (I guess God didn’t want one to feel left out).  These two breast cancers are completely unrelated to one another, oh and also unrelated to the Stage 4 melanoma she’s been battling for a year.  And, unrelated to the basal cell cancer that was diagnosed the same time as the melanoma.

The summer before the melanoma and basal cell discoveries, my stepdad was diagnosed with oral cancer.  He hadn’t been back to work for long when mom was diagnosed.

Now, why in the world would I think God has something up His sleeve with all of these cancers my mom is getting hit with??  Why would a God who claims to be good and love us unfailingly give my mom four cancers in less than two years?

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28.

It really sucked when we found out my stepdad had oral cancer.  My mom had already lost one husband.  I didn’t want to see her lose another.  And my daughter, well she worships the ground he walks on!  Oh, and I love him too! Let me tell you what happened…Mom and Christian went through a challenging year; no doubt about that.  There was surgery, radiation, a tracheotomy, and a year of healing.  I’m thrilled to report, he is fine now- cancer free!  While that is awesome, what is just as awesome is that he is also alcohol free.  You may not know that alcohol can be just as deadly and evil of a poison as cancer.  For some, alcohol has the power to change them.  You may say, cancer healed Christian.  I say, God used cancer to heal Christian.

Did God give him cancer or was that Satan’s doings?  I don’t know.  The Bible is full of examples of trials passed down from God and those that God allows Satan to inflict.  What I do know is that my stepdad was healed of both, just in time to be healthy and focused enough to help my mom through her basal cell and melanoma.  Amen, God.  Romans 8:28.

But wait!  (Like one of those infomercials, “but wait!” except I like to think I’m not nearly as cheesy).

What about mom’s melanoma?  How did God work that one for good, huh?  Christmas 2016, mid-way through the melanoma battle, Mom and Christian announced an engagement.  Yeah, yeah, I know I had already been referring to him as my stepdad, but that’s because they’d been together 20 years.  Even though they weren’t legally married, he was already my adult-hood father.  Plus, I love him so much, I claimed him!  The wedding was October 2017, only one week after confirming a fluid treatment plan for the two new cancers that have joined our cancer fighting fun (not sure what else to call this journey).  Her first chemo treatment was five days after the wedding.  The ceremony was perfect and beautiful and Godly and intimate and awesomesauce.  So, there is the Romans 8:28 in the melanoma.

I don’t know where the Romans 8:28 is in these two breast cancers yet.  I just know it’s there.  And whatever you are going through, I know there is a Romans 8:28.  You won’t see it right away.  You may never see it, but please trust it is there.  I would love if you would share the Romans 8:28s you have seen in your life.  These are testimonies we need to share, so that we may glorify God through our trials.

Maybe you don’t believe in God and His Romans 8:28.  So, it’s the silver lining around your dark cloud, your tasty lemonade squeezed from those tart lemons life threw at you, and your light in the darkness.  Well, guess who crafted those clouds and painted the silver linings, who created the soil that rooted the lemon trees and who is the ultimate light of any darkness?  Yup.  That’s The One.  Far fetched, I know.  I wouldn’t believe it myself, if I hadn’t studied The Bible and know it to be true.  God loves you with an unfailing love and wants a relationship with you, even if you don’t want the same.

He loves you and I love you and I hope you find your Romans 8:28.


I am a woman who has experienced the loss of a child, something no one should ever have to go through. I am a woman who found peace in my heart that only Jesus Christ can bring (Isaiah 9:6). I am a woman with a passion to share this peace with you. Maybe you know Jesus. Maybe you don’t. Either way, let’s be friends. Maybe you have struggled in your life and can find comfort in simply knowing that You. Are. Not. Alone.

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